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I can admit I have been a Jafro fan from afar and slowly I have been admiring Jafro’s rise on the grime scene. With my first time hearing him on red bull’s grime a side to then watching his freestyles here and there.

My first impression of course was that this nerdy looking kid with glasses has some hard bars but that was about it. However on the 27th of march something happened which i think in the grand scheme of things will be looked at as the turning point of his career, His Blackbox freestyle was released.

Honestly to say it was fire is a massive understatement it starts differently with a patios singing hook then evolves into legendary status. I really don’t want to say too much as I truly implore anyone who reads this to have a listen.

In my opinion its top 3 blackbox freestyles. so check it out if you haven’t already

So this made me interested in writing an article about his music. Luckily for me he has released an ep this year Called Rib

Holy fuck man this ep is so good, I definitely wasn’t expecting this at all.

Lets start on the first track Ola, an acoustic guitar laced song which reminds me of an old wyclef tune. Also jafro shows off his singing chops which is surprisingly really good. Such a chilled song definitely one for sunshine

The next track on the ep is also the best it is titled R.I.P Prince so i thought it was gonna a sentimental track about a friend or family member but no it is a Prince Tribute. Twinged with Synth heavy 80’s funk like backing, Jafro sings in a falsetto which he pulls off so confidently. This track is definitely up there with Bruno mars 24k Magic in terms of that roger and zapp aesthetic.

The next two tracks Venus & Mars and Don’t Make Me are RnB/Rap Hybrids in which he shows the strength of his artistry as well as his musical maturity. His can sing so well it makes me wonder if he was a singer before he started rapping. The tracks also dont feel like obligatory Tunes for the gal dem (yeah I do realise even on text i can’t pull off that sentence)

The next track Eh Nah im not sure if it’s a song or a musical skit. Its still really interesting how he works really strong bars in an obvious song which he is fucking about. funnily enough though the bars on this track are the best in just straight rap terms. The beat is also a classic garage beat that is remixed and i can’t remember what it is.

The next track I Can Tell is on a summery Afroswing type beat. this song is wavy it is just so chilled makes you wanna sit in the sun with friends and enjoy a few cold ones.

The final track’s Coma Abacaxi instrumental sounds like something produced by the alien producer Wonda. on this track he is rapping towards a female but with the swagger and confidence of a mid 2000’s rnb singer


See because this series is only about music I will put it into bullet points why this piece of work i enjoy

  • Variety
  • Good Bars
  • Catchy as Fuck
  • Progression as an artist
  • Risk taking

But seriously Jafro is so talented its actually maddening that monotonous as fuck drill music is getting so much shine. But seriously check out the project and show support to Jafro


TJ Francis – Free Your Mind EP Review

So I have no knowledge of TJ Francis other than he is an MC from West London. At the moment in the UK Hip Hop scene it seems like a lot of newer artists that are coming up are just riding the current trends. These current trends at the moment are the Afro stylings of J Hus/Kojo Fundz or trap music. Whilst I personally have no problem with either, It can be quite repetitive looking for new artists to listen to.  Personally i believe the diversity of the UK scene is what makes it head and shoulders better than the US.

The first track on this mixtape Hustler prayer ft Keys is perfectly placed as instantly it grabs you. I really enjoy the instrumental, but for the life of me I don’t know what song it is from.  It’s perfect grown up road music. What I really enjoy about the track is that is that lyrics are the forefront of the song. The one nit-pick with the song however is the chorus, whilst musically the chorus is fine and the singer Keys’ vocals are good, sonically the chorus isn’t mixed as well as the rest of the track. I wouldn’t be surprised if the chorus was recorded separately. A Strong track nonetheless

The next track Trouble is actually the best track on the mixtape. It’s no secret that I seriously rate story telling. I believe songs such as this enforce my belief that rap is just poetry with music. The instrumental is a beautiful accompaniment to the lyrics as it’s got a subtle ambient vibe. The chorus on this track is the perfect partner to the verses. Unfortunately the singer on the track isn’t credited which is a shame as he brings pure emotion to the chorus. One small thing I would change is that I wish that the chorus had an added instrument, This in my opinion would bring in an added intensity. That however isn’t a criticism just an observation.

The Messages to Fallon interlude is a nice touch.

Wish You Well Feat Mad J & MNELIA is a proper grown up song. Even though the track is essentially just one verse it still manages to get the message across of what he is saying. One certain line really stuck with me.

“I wanna simple life, buff wife and a mortgage”

and if we can’t buy it twice then it means we can’t afford it

And that’s alright cause all these moments are rewarding

Living comfy with your rider is a better feeling than balling”

That right there is the most grown up shit I’ve heard this year so far. As someone who doesn’t buy into the superficial bullshit most rappers feel inclined to spout. I love it when someone raps something real like this. The song ends with an interview snippet from Biggie Smalls in which he chastises rappers not being themselves and just copying what’s popular.   

Old Me Feat Wilbury War Boys is in my opinion the weakest song on the mixtape. That in itself is actually a compliment because it’s not a bad song it just isn’t as good as the other tracks. It’s also more the featured act’s song. However I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that their name just reminds me of those minions in Mad Max. I do like the chorus and the instrumental on this track.

And finally the last two tracks Where I Come From & Best Friend are covers. Now I don’t mind covers just not too many and I don’t care much if it is not a cover that is being overdone. However as Tj Francis himself has bars he actually pulls it off. I honestly believe his cover of Ed Sheeran here is better than stormzy’s

Final Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed and I can gladly say I am happy I chose this mixtape to review. Whilst it doesn’t re-invent the wheel it is a strong body of music. Also in the current climate it is a respite from the copycat styles.  I also wouldn’t have minded one or two more songs but the length does leave you wanting more. It is a thoughtful grown up reflection on life in which the lyrics are the centre stage. I advise to check this out as it good


Flow – 8/10


Lyricism – 8.5/10


Beats/ Production – 8/10


Songcraft – 8/10


Concept/ Originality 7.5/10


Final Score




Billboard Trawl – Ep 2 Sep

Billboard Trawling

So this is ep 2 of my article in which am going to trawl through billboard genre by genre choosing a song by an artist and reviewing it randomly.  I’m also going to add images of reaction faces after each track just to make it a little bit more visual this time

I’m going to try to do as many genres as possible

However there are simple rules to Billboard Trawling these are

  1. The artist can only be reviewed Once
  2. Chart position does not matter
  3. It is by billboards definition of genres not mine


Ah pop music my old friend, So let’s see who I have for me this time.

Kiiara –Gold

I have never heard of this artist before so this is completely new territory. The song itself is good with a minimalist trap like beat. This is well made indie-pop, the whole track screams European indie pop which is surprising as she an American. She also sounds much older than her age, Admittedly these are just nit-picks but there is two drawbacks with the first being that some people hate minimal beats such as in this track as they consider them repetitive. Second being that after I started paying attention to the lyrics these are the words of an insane woman

“I missed you in the basement (gold up in my teeth)
but your brother was a good substitute for you”


“And if you love me, love me but you never let me go,
When the roof was on fire, you never let me know”

What does that even mean? By the way those lines also precede each other. All the lyrics are like this it’s odd, however these don’t detract from the song.

Appropriate Reaction











Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty

Another new artist here for me; what a time to be alive. I have got to be honest here I am generally shocked to hear a pure pop song on the pop charts and I instantly was reminded why pop music like this has been taken over by indie pop and EDM,  both of those genres sound like they were created by musicians. This song sounds like it was written in a boardroom with focus groups and robots. The song absolutely lacks a personality, anyways I did a bit of research and realised why it sounds like this and that’s because she is 17 which makes sense. I also generally hate the topic of the track it’s supposed to be some empowering track for young women, which just doesn’t work here. The singer herself had this to say about the track

“It’s important for young girls to know that they don’t have to act a certain way or depend on someone for happiness. They can find all of that within themselves.” 

That is a nice sentiment and all but a hollow statement when she literally had no hand in creating this song. There is 4 writers on this song and she is not one of them. I hate hollow music like this which is just made for a target audience with no artistic value. Also for a 17 year old I actually thought she looked 25 so maybe she needs to cut back on the coffee and fags.

Appropriate Reaction


NDubz – Love.Live.Life Throwback Review


This takes me back to my teens. I’m not going to lie I was a big fan of N-Dubz back in the day however I realised how cheesy they were. However I can never say I ever got the urge to listen to their full album let alone buy it. So today I am reviewing their 3rd album before going on hiatus and all trying solo careers. I know very few of the songs on this album. This album also came at the height of their pop sound and a lot of street edge was mostly gone.

Intro /Outro

With a song to start of the intro you get a full blast of 2010 in your face. With the cheesy piano laden pop backing. Oddly Dappy raps about how life can be hard and name checks Gaza and Basra. Honestly these are not the people I come to for social commentary. It sounds like the snippet of a song that did not make it onto the album.

Best Behaviour

Before I play the song for myself I’m not going to lie I was a massive fan of this song back in the day. It still should be on my iTunes somewhere however I have not listened to it in a while so here we go. (Three Minutes Later) Well the autotune use on this is criminal. However as much I enjoy there are many flaws. This song came out at the height of their crossover appeal the pop cheese that infects this track is serious. And the chorus kills any street credibility they thought they still had at this point. On a positive note Fazer’s productions here though cheesy is quite good.

Took It All Away

With a distorted guitar starting the track I was not sure to expect with this track. Another track about breaking up. This is a solid track. Tulisa and Dappy have great interplay on songs. Also Tulisa sounds much better when she has to go the straight pop route and not try to edge to her lyrics.  Producer Zero Gravity helps Fazer on this track as it still sound like a pop track but that guitar in the back really brings it together. Also there is a guitar solo as the outro never thought I’d be saying those words

Living for the Moment

Listen here folks this is what happens when you overuse autotune. This makes it sound like Tulisa can’t sing. And to be honest the chorus isn’t great, the way she is singing it making worry that they needed overdubbing and autotune to cover. Dappy raps are serviceable for this track. Also I am not a fan of this beat either it’s just far too American and generic. Tulisa’s verse on the other hand is a highlight of the track and is possibly one of her best verses. Fazer has a quite good verse showcasing his underrated rap skills. The track really picks up in the second half.

Love Live Life

This is a generic 2011 dance track with Tulisa singing the vocals. It barely counts as an N-Dubz track. Not surprisingly the producers on this are free school. The amalgamation of electronic songwriters and producers which just seems like a suggestion from the label. The song is soulless and boring

Scream My Name

So shockingly Fazer actually begins this track.  His verse has absolutely nothing to do with anything. The chorus seems a random inspirational chorus. Dappy’s verse also has nothing to do with anything either. I’m so confused also both verses are like 8 bars long the chorus is double that. I’m sensing laziness as none of the elements of the song sound right they just sound like they were pressed for time nd grabbed a random chorus and random lyrics.

Toot it And Boot It Ft YG

What? I looked at the track list and had to double-check. This was the first YG song I ever heard but I did not realise N-Dubz had a version let alone on their album. Also this track was penned by Ty Dolla $ign. I love this song also Dappy holds his own on this version. You learn something new every day.

Skit ft Fearless

This is a formula that works just give Dappy a fast-moving beat and let him go. It is songs like this that reminds people still has bars. This is just a showcase for Dappy and fearless. This fearless guy is really good it’s a shame nothing happened with him as he has bars. Good hard track

Love Sick

This is a Tulisa solo track. Like I said earlier Tulisa had the potential to be a proper pop start if she had stayed straight pop like this track. This is where she excels as her vocals lend themselves well to this type of music. It’s such a shame as she had it all there in front of her to be big. The song is decent the chorus is really catchy and you might catch yourself singing along.

So Alive

A completely different sound however that is not surprising as the Don Skepta produced this track. The beat is dark and interesting. Skepta has never disappointed with his verses. This is a good song in which everyone brings their A games. Fazer especially rises to the occasion as he shows he can rap much better than he usually shows.  From what he has said interviews that whenever he is in a room with other MC’s especially grime MC’s he raises his level.


I hate this song. I hated it then I hate it now. The reason is sonically it sounds horrible. From the bullshit lyrics to the generic beat to the droning autotune chorus

Cold Shoulder

This is dance party song. The song itself is decent. Both Dappy and Tulisa are great on the track however the song doesn’t say anything about anything. The beat is probably the most interesting about the song as you could listen to it alone without the vocals

Morning Star

Another Free school production and another generic soulless pop song. My god do these guys just suck the personality of songs. I’ve decided how to describe their production






Bonus track – We Dance On

Ah who could this gem of a song? I absolutely hate this song. A song about generic song about standing up for something. I hate everything this song stands for. Also how dare you use Pachelbel’s Canon in D like that and think it is ok. One journalist for the BBC likened the bridge to BOB FUCKING MARLEY! I kind of hope the guy got fired. Just joking but seriously though Bob Marley. This song sounds like it was written by a group of executives looking at spreadsheets.


Final Thoughts

This Album received mixed reviews at the time and that is so true. This album has shining moments then it is also littered with crap. However after listening to interviews and just generally being a fan for years this album just scream label meddling. The both songs that were penned by Free School are no surprise a label idea as that year they were on fire with Nearly everyone in that camp winning some kind of ASCAP which is the songwriter awards. Therefore from a labels point of view if they pay these record producers for track they will get instant hits. Unfortunately these tracks have nothing in them other than standard pop formula. I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave them tracks on a memory pen and told them to add vocals.

Around this time there was talk in the media of Tulisa being the breakout star of the group as she had been in Dubplate Drama and other acting gigs. She had also been announced as the new judge on the X-Factor in May of 2011. I never understood this as she was always the expendable one of the group. However you can see the potential for her to be a breakout star on this album

I think the biggest surprise on the album is how better N-Dubz work better themselves than with other producers.

Overall an ok album. To be honest at this point a hiatus was best for their careers because both Dappy and Tulisa had ambitions of solo stuff. For Tulisa it was to be a popstar, for Dappy it was just to make his own music. Also at this point Fazer was first being burnt out as the primary songwriter and producer and second he needed to step back from N-Dubz as his production work and rapping ability were both quite underrated when he was in the group.

So it is 2016 and honestly with the legal trouble all three have been through in the five years since breaking up I honestly think now is the time for them to get back together. Fazer is going to release new solo stuff soon so I am for one looking forward to that.


Flow – 7.5/10


Lyricism –  6/10


Beats/ Production – 7/10


Songcraft – 7.5/10


Concept/ Originality 7/10

 Final Grade


Billboard Trawl – Ep 1 August

Billboard Trawling

So in this monthly article I am going to trawl through billboard genre by genre choosing a song by an artist and reviewing it randomly.

I’m going to try to do as many genres as possible

However there are simple rules to Billboard Trawling these are

  1. The artist can only be reviewed Once
  2. Chart position does not matter
  3. It is by billboards definition of genres not mine


This is the most boring genre to review as I know most of these songs so I’m going to try to choose one I don’t know

Kent Jones – Don’t Mind

This is a ridiculously feel good song. This song has summer banger written all over it. The instrumental is simple however it works so well showing a summer song can be understated. That chorus is a literal earworm. Good luck not getting this sh*t stuck in your head. Now onto the lyrics which unfortunately they completely let the song down. Did some not tell Mr Jones here that when a song sounds this happy with catchy hook that there is a place for sexual innuendos and unnecessary swearing. Also this guy is a terrible rapper point blank period

Flume ft Kai – Never Be Like You

Hmm where to begin. Well will start with the instrumental. It sounds like the producer just listened FutureSex/LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake, went home downloaded a Timbaland sound pack and then went to work. This is of course then put through the 2016 pop filter because god help me if all the songs don’t sound the same. That is such a shame as it is the most interesting part of this song. Let me clarify I dislike this song but not because it sounds bad it actually sounds acceptable. My problem is this like many other songs in pop nowadays is that it is uninteresting to the point of being insulting. Flume said this about the track

“We laid down some chords and started an idea but weren’t feeling inspired. So we went out into the night for a few hours and when we returned, it all started to come together.”

Unfortunately for her and Kai this still sounds uninspired.


A genre that I grew up around however I’m going to be honest I do enjoy Bro-Country. I know I know but sonically I just enjoy the songs. Now I have a whole list to choose from because I do not pay attention to the country charts so here we go, also weird observation but there is only 3 women in the top 25

Jake Owen – American Country Love Song

With this title there was no way I was ignoring it. It honestly starts the verses with Talking! From that point onwards it is a standard country pop tune. Simple 4 chord structure, Overlaying guitar riff, super vague lyrics that will always have the song’s title in the chorus. All in all it is actually a solid song if you don’t mind country pop. However to some people this style of country music is just pop with a southern twang

Kelsea Ballerini – Peter Pan

This is not a country song. I don’t mean that in the way I mentioned before about country pop this song is actually just a straight pop song. There is literally nothing that makes this country she’s probably signed to a country label or from the south or something let me check ……….. (Three minutes later) yep just as I expected she is from Tennessee and signed to a country label. My question is that all it takes to be considered country nowadays. Anyways onto the song I actually like it. I like the lyrics and I like how it sounds. However the only problem is that the song is devoid of personality it honestly sounds like any random female from Disney/Nickelodeon. But hey I don’t mind that type of pop music.



Hello my old friend. I think the noughties hit rock music super hard in a way that it has truly not recovered. Even looking at the chart is a bit depressing. Firstly let me say this just because you are a band and use instruments does not make you rock music. Let’s proceed shall we

X Ambassadors – Unsteady

I will start by saying this I find the song personally ok but I can see why people like it. Music like this always sounds to me like the promo song for a TV drama that’s about to start a new season. I will say this though the song is enough to catch your attention enough to want to listen to their other stuff.  The song also could lend itself to being remixed quite well. Sam Harris’ vocal abilities are on full display here and he kills it. The backing is understated but powerful. So all in all check it if your into alternative rock.

Ben Rector – Brand New

If the last song was promo a TV drama this one is basically saying to “Join Sky now”. Honestly it’s not even that bad of a song however it just lacks balls. I feel like I just listened to the soundtrack to a teen romance movie. From some comments I’ve read underneath the video people are saying they think this sounds like a Christian song. And that is spot on this song is so light and airy with no real substance like a badly made cake.

R&B/Hip Hop

Here it is, my bread and butter. No introductions needed however if I’m more critical it is only cause hip hop is my shit

D.R.A.M Ft Lil Yachty – Broccoli

I had to listen to the song three times before I wrote something down. At some point in the timeline we messed up. The reason I’m saying is because WTF is this bullshit. I can’t fathom what I’m listening to. Now I could be a hipster and say this an Avant-garde re-imagining of standard hip hop tropes and in that way it subverts conventional sound that in itself makes it unique track but alas im not a douche and I’m going to call this song out for what it is, absolute garbage

Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons With Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors – Sucker For Pain

Just sneaking in the chart here at the bottom. Tis was in the rock chart but because I had already wrote about X Ambassadors already I couldn’t write it. However Buddha has listened to my prayers. With 2 bands and 4 rappers this is a combined total of 12 musicians. Oh god does this mean this could be some sort of topical message record. (5 minutes later). Holy Fuck how did they manage to make a good song in which every single person held their own . I’m genuinely shocked Wiz had a decent verse, logic’s verse was ok perfectly acceptable, I don’t listen to much of his music so I don’t know if this was underwhelming of or not. God dammit Ty Dolla $ign has gone from strength to strength in the last year showing he is now pop music’s go to rapper a spot that used to be held by the next man. Lil Wayne has fallen off in the last two years, personally I believe it’s more to do with his personal problems than his actual ability, This is the best Weezy has sounded in over a year, If he can keep this up he should have no problems going back to the top of the mountain. Both bands where quite good. Their sounds are similar so it doesn’t seem too difficult for them to collaborate however managing to also make a great backdrop for the rappers to shine that is artistry. I was honestly expecting something super ridiculous but im left here eating my words because this song is good, very very good


I enjoy electronic music however with it being completely mainstream to the point that the pop chart is either an electronic/ hip hop chart it feels kind of redundant to review it ah well I could find a Gem.

Galantis – No Money

This is a summer tune. I dare you not dance to this. That hook is so catchy. The kid’s chorus of voices works well for the track. The thing that gets me the most is the piano in the track it instantly reminds of early nineties dance music with its use of syncopation. All in all great song. Good Work Galantis

Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam – Sex

This is not a great song, it’s kind of boring and it has a massive sample that’s kind of used in a crap way. I honestly have no idea if this song is supposed to be sexy or? I’m generally confused at what tone they were going for. This is one of the least sexy songs if have ever heard about sex. You could literally sing about anything in this song and it would have the exact effect. Also the instrumental is kind of boring. The whole track sounds looped like they created the 1st 64 bars and just repeated them. There is nothing wrong with that it just leads to really lazy, boring dance music. Also the singer literally sounds like he has never had sex before.


Latin music has always kind of bored me because they love their ballads, however Spanish hip hop is quality so lets find out si mierda está haciendo estallar

Nicky Jam – Hasta La Amanecer

This right here is my new shit. This song is literal fire. I does not matter what he is saying when it sounds this good. Pay attention pop charts this shit is how it is done. From context it sounds like a simple R&B pop song. However that latin beat in the back just gets. That part of the globe just knows it percussion. It also just breaks down into a straight hip hop instrumental in the middle which shouldn’t work but it does. This is gonna be in my head for days

CNCO – Quisiera

So I have chosen what seems to be a boy band a Latin one D if you must, let’s check this out. (5 minutes later) What was I expecting, yep it is a standard pop boy band shtick. The Latin flavour of the track is kind of let down by the singers with their super soft super weak vocals, but hey I’m not a 12-year-old girl so each to its own. It’s not great it’s not terrible.  

Final Thoughts

Worst Song

D.R.A.M – Broccoli Ft Lil Yachty

Hands down worst, Literal no contest, (Mortal Kombat Voice) You Win ! If Someone decides never to listen to that song based on my words then I will receive eternal salvation. But seriously don’t listen to this garbage.

Best Song

Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons With Logic, Ty Dolla $ign & X Ambassadors – Sucker For Pain

Honestly I couldn’t heap anymore praise especially considering it is a soundtrack song. Good Job guys Bravo

Honourable mentions

Nicky Jam – Hasta El Amanecer, Galantis – No Money


So there it is my thoughts on random songs by acts in the billboard chart this month. Honestly I can say I’m pleasantly surprised and a couple of these acts I definitely will be checking out.  This was surprisingly fun to do so check out monthly as I intend to do this every month.



Mostack – GWB In-depth Review

Mostack is a rapper who I have always heard about and also seen his name about on link up tv and SBTV and whatnot. I’ve only really listened to the north London rapper on features on which he’s usually good. With a the release of a Mixtape as well as selling out his headline show at the 02 Academy Islington I felt this is the perfect time to review someone up and coming riding a wave of momentum.

With lots of jokes in his bars, A willingness to make fun of himself, afrobeat influences in his music and mannerisms, Catchy flow and hooks as well as being able to balance that with a hard street edge Mostack instantly reminded of J Hus which is great as he features on Why would you lie to me in which both have street raps over a dark menacing beat. Mostack has a solid verse however J Hus is in full road mode on this and murders this beat. The one thing however with is there may be a few too many ad libs in mostacks verse however that is such a small nitpick and it doesn’t hurt the song too much.

Stop Lying Pt.2, I just wanna Tango, Fuck this generation, I do are the tracks on this for the people who aren’t fans of the sing-song style or the jokes. These songs are hard and having them on the mixtape gives it the perfect edge. Theres just hard bars throughout these tracks.

I remember ft Scammy and Should Know ft Jiggz are both tough tracks with the first one having an amazing chorus and an energy. The latter track literally had me with my eyes closed just bopping my head along. Both featured artists are actually showcased on these tracks and they deliver and leaving you want to hear more from them.

He in my opinion is at his strongest when being introspective and just being himself. He shows you don’t need crazy flow or really complex ways to say your story. On Let’s get Away and Pornhub & Cream with the latter track being a celebratory track show how much has changed for him and it feels so natural there’s no bragging about ridiculous wealth. The beat on the latter track is simple and works quite well. However there is a small problem with the auto tune singing in the backgreound of the track but it is just a nitpick.

For an artist who uses a lot jokes you would be forgiven for thinking he wouldn’t be able to handle a deep subject. However on Shot by the Police Man & Blud! Stop The Violence he does it in way that shows you don’t need to be an educated conscious rapper to tackle these subjects effectively.  On the first track he tackles the problem of police and racism something he speaks of from his own experience.  By using his own experience only it radiates with the listener on a more personal level especially if you are young and black.  On the second track he speaks on gang crime. There’s two lines from this that stick out to me in this track

You know what’s funny, I moan about black and black crime but when I see my enemies ima have to hurt somebody”  

“How we ever gonna prosper if we keep sending brothers to the doctors”

The instrumentals on both tracks convey the deepness of the topics perfectly.

My Cocaina Ft Ekeno & Estelle LaVaud is a good solid track lyrically however I’m loving the beat so much that there is times when im just enjoying the beat and not really paying to the lyrics. I honestly could listen to this beat by itself which is a compliment to the producer who created it.  Ekeno has a good voice that sounds like the early 2000’s for some reason. Estelle LaVaud gets a verse on this and the first thing I thought it’s that she reminds me of early Tinashe. Her voice is good if a little bit unoriginal.

Getting Shot Was a Blessing

What is effectively a freestyle is such a good song and just works. The acoustic guitar accents his story. His bizarre break in the middle when he starts singing is so chilled and relaxed that you just have to enjoy it.

On the tracks fuck your Man, Tonights your night and Feeling like stormzy there is small problems throughout them however through the sheer force of personality he makes up for it.

It’s Over

What starts as a typical road song. He starts rapping about the usual i.e. Big batty gyals, taking other people’s girls etc. It sounds good if a bit unoriginal in topic and then the track switches completely. It switches to a guy a crying about dishonesty from his girl. He laments that he doesn’t trust anybody anymore after this betrayal. All whilst using delivery that sounds like he just seen his girl cheating. The instrumental changes as well from typical street banger  to a solemn piano laced track. This is the moment that I realised this guy is good like really good. At first I listened to this track and thought it was a tad bizarre within the context of the other tracks up to this point.  However the next track is what made me clear on what i think about him.

Murder ft Moelogo

The intro of this song is a continuation of the last with him still crying about the girl leaving him. The song begins with the three words “Nah Fuck That”. This is modern man’s break up song. No tears, no stories just going out afterwards to forget about it. Now onto the song it is a BANGER ! This should be getting played everywhere around the country. It  has a banging beat that makes you wanna dance. I love everything about this song. His bars, Delivery, Flow all work even when he starts singing it works perfectly. Now onto Moelogo his verse is fire and the afrobeat stylings just put this song over the top. It was during this song where I officially declared myself a Mostack fan.

Final Thoughts

Wow just wow

This guy has momentum and Buzz, He 100 % percent deserves it. He just needs to keep doing what he is doing. When you start listening to him you can’t help noticing the j hus comparisons. But they are just stylistic similarities. Honestly I’m finding it hard to say anything more positive about the guy

Honestly If you get the chance listen to his mixtape. If I was in London I would definitely trying to go to his next show. Without Knowing much about him beforehand I am so happy to have found an artist to look forward to hearing their new music.

I have honestly become a big fan from this so hopefully he keeps it up.


Flow – 9/10


Lyricism –  8.5/10


Beats/ Production – 9/10


Songcraft – 9/10


Concept/ Originality 9/10

 Final Grade




Aystar – Scousematic

Having never really listened to an artist from liverpool before I had no idea what to expect. From the name of the mixtape however I guessed it was gonna be typical gang/street B.S. and boy was I right.  What we have here is a 16 track mixtape that at times drags.


On Intro & Don’t Quit this is a good way to start as it tells you everything what your about to hear. Liverpool Street raps that are rhymed through a thick scouse brogue. His gun raps are sharp however and he gives a sense that he knows what he is talking about on these tracks.


2 On Ft Safone & Truffle Butter ft Kingsley in both songs Aystar’s Verses are boring as he just rattles of the exact same thing. however both Safone and Kingsley completely outshine him which happens a lot in this mixtape. As both these artists are on their A game.


Minds Gone, Fuck The System, Quiet Storm, Lean Back, I Need You Freestyle actually brings the whole mixtape down and if they weren’t on the mixtape it would be better spaced and be allowed to breathe. It would also serve the mixtape better as the best songs are left. These songs however are make the whole mixtape Too long and these songs are crap plain and simple.


Cheeky Bastard

Another song that sounds more like the featured artists song instead of aystar’s. This especially as the song is completely different from the rest of the mixtape. With a great upbeat chorus. And vocals that stay perfectly in the background. This song is just fun. Aystar actually has an alright verse it just seems like the he is trying to fit to the instrumental and the hook.


Oh No Freestyle & Scousematic Freestyle

Maybe his best example if you’re introducing him to someone new. This is him at his best that is either a good thing or bad thing your choice.


Best Song


Dont Quit ft C4ent / Cheeky Bastard ft Kingsley


Final Thoughts


If it is a chore to listen to the whole mixtape from end to end then you have put too many songs on it. His biggest problem is that he does not seem like this super real respected killer thug shooter drug dealer ladies man king of south Liverpool that he rhymes about. That would be OK if he were playing a character but he is not.


Now I could be wrong and he could be all that it’s just that he doesn’t Seem it . There’s almost no conviction in his words and a lot of this comes from his flow whilst he a decent rapper everything he says is said in the same inflection same tone same cadence. This only really works if you have a deep voice. It comes across more lethargic than criminal.


One more thing and this is to all rappers out there don’t  EVER load up your mixtape with people who are better than you. Every single featured artist on this mixtape is better than him it baffles me how nobody in his camp could have foreseen this happening. Yes it opens you up to more fans however you come across as worse for it. So Aystar is rough a giant lump of coal but there is something there lets hope he can find it.



Flow – 7/10


Lyricism –  6.5/10


Beats/ Production – 6/10


Songcraft – 5.5/10


Concept/ Originality 5/10

Final Score