I honestly can’t overstate how much I enjoy good country music, however the genre has been going through massive changes through the last few years as the artists skew to the younger demographic. Being a fan though it is hard to find artists to review that I actively don’t know but I will persevere.

Dierks Bentley Featuring Elle King – Different For Girls

Ladies listen up this was made for you. This track is a country ballad about breakups. Do you wanna know what all the great break up songs have; both sides of the breakup. The track starts as a simple song about women having it bad after a breakup because they have emotions and dudes just ignore theirs, It soon transforms into how guys can’t show their emotions and they have to act fine towards their friends. This song is actually really good. I have been a fan of Elle King since I first heard her music. She is what makes this song better. The only gripe with song is that country ballads these days kind of all sound the same.

Appropriate Reaction


Justin Moore – You Look Like I Need a Drink

A big name in current country music, With his last three albums going number 1. This is the lead single of his newest album, Honestly the track itself sounds decent with a bit of a leaning towards southern rock. The chorus however is way too long and is like 60 percent of the song. Also I have no idea what he is singing about in this song, I’ve even done my research on the song to see what he is talking about but no, nothing to say what the hell he is talking. At least it sounds good though.



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