The biggest let down, genre wise last month. This time I’m actively seeking something a little bit harder as right now the rock charts may soon be called the indie charts.

Blink 182 – Bored to Death

Yes I know I said I will try to avoid big names but seriously have you looked at the rock charts recently. The title of the song is Bored to Death which is how I feel about the current rock charts. Also like everyone else my age I was a big Blink fan growing up. The first thing I hear in my head as the song starts is I’ll be there when your heart starts beating. This song sounds exactly like Blink spin-off group +44. This make sense as singer Tom DeLonge is no longer in the group. This isn’t a bad song just mildly uninteresting. Also, Jesus the last album I’ve listened to from them came out 13 years ago.

Appropriate Reaction


The Head & the Heart – All We Ever Know

And the prize for most pretentious name goes to these guys. I honestly know nothing about this group so let’s check it out. Ok so after having a listen, this is best described as folksy indie with hints of soft rock. I can’t tell if I like or hate the song, It’s not particularly exciting, the lyrics aren’t particularly deep or insightful. Sonically it does have a few elements that stop it from being boring such as the violin which beautifully accents the track. I actually enjoy the group singing the la la la la part. A solid track, It shows this band have the ability to create something better.

Appropriate Reaction



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