R&B/Hip Hop

This time around I’m gonna actively choose an R&B song to even things up. Last month the hippity hop gave me one good song and one bad.

Tory Lanez – Luv

I’m Gonna be honest I have known about this dude for a while. Firstly from his beef with drake however I decided to give him a listen and honestly, I really like his music I haven’t found a song of his that I dislike yet however there is always a chance for him to do that. (Three minutes later) this is not the one, this song is absolute fire. From the dancehall beat to the amazing sample of the reggae classic everybody falls in love sometimes by Devonte & Tanto Metro. This is the ultimate chill out tune.  This is a summer song that can be played for chilling and for going out easily.  This guy keeps impressing me

Appropriate Reaction


Rob $tone featuring J.Davi$ & Spooks – Chill Bill

It is always odd to see a rap song just pop up on the charts with not one but three unknown rappers but anyways here we go. (3 mins later) Sigh I can’t believe I had to listen to that song more than once. At least the title of the track makes sense as the whistling is a sample from Kill Bill. This song is crap, absolute crap. I honestly hate shit songs like this going viral. These guys have been signed off the back of this track, which is showing record labels clearly have no idea what people want anymore and they will just sign anyone with internet buzz. I will say the third guy Spooks is quite good though. Much too good to be around these guys. These guys are from San Diego a place that has no big rappers and they are hoping to be the ones. The artists had this to say about the track

“We’re launching a new wave, a new positive energy,”

This song was a pain to listen to. Honestly don’t be surprised if these guys are dropped by next year.

Appropriate Reaction



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