My biggest hit or miss genre. My issue with modern dance is how homogenised it has become. Even brand new DJ’s and producers are sounding exactly like their mainstream counterparts.

Marshmello – Alone

Another unknown artist except this time he is completely unknown, No name, country of origin, age nothing at all. This song however  proves perfectly the point about new DJ’s. This song sounds exactly like a 2013 Skrillex song mixed with a Deadmau5 song. I still like the song but this as original as a Batman reboot.

Appropriate Reaction


Era Istrefi – Bonbon

Wow not only did I not expect to see a non-English song on the chart, I was not expecting one from a singer from Kosovo. Enter Miss Era Istrefi, younger sister of famous Kosovan Singer Nora Istrefi. One thing this demonstrates is the global appeal of music as instantly what you hear is Sia or Rihanna. If she was singing in English that is exactly who you would think this song is by. However she can’t help that her voice is similar. The song itself however is fire. All the little elements that bring it together really help the track,  I  also really enjoy the instrumental. I will say check this out but listen to the original version the English version isn’t quite as good.

Appropriate Reaction



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