Last Month around Latin music surprised me with one of the tracks being ridiculously good. So this time I have high expectations

Zion & Lennox Featuring J Balvin – Otra Vez

Latin pop music is nearly always made to dance to, for this reason you can never be let down if you don’t understand the song as the beat is nearly always upbeat. I really enjoy this song. It’s your typical reggaeton pop track so once you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all. That does not stop me from enjoying this song, the guy Lennox has such unique vocals. Also J Balvin is a megastar on that side of the globe. So yeah check this out good song.

Appropriate Reaction


Becky G – Sola

Weirdly the Latin charts are really male dominated which is odd considering how successful female singers have been globally. Now after researching Ms Becky G what i have found is that she is an American singer, I have come to realise she is about to star in the new power ranger’s movie., also this is her first ever Spanish song, the cynic in me wants to say that this seems like a blatant attempt to break into the Hispanic market right before a big movie comes out to appeal to that demographic, but hey I could be wrong. Now onto the song itself, I really enjoy this song. I honestly prejudged the whole song but it is solid. I actually really like how it’s pop Latin but the Latin elements are held back to accent the track. She has a really good voice however what makes this song great is her. How do I describe it, her swagger/confidence is what makes this so good. Too many pop starlets sound like they are just singing something they were told to sing, there is no ownership over the song. This girl bosses the track and sounds like she has been doing this for years. Now it also helps that it is in Spanish so that I can’t nit-pick the lyrics but it sounds good.

Appropriate Reaction


Final Thoughts

Worst Song

Rob $tone featuring J.Davi$ & Spooks – Chill Bill

Sigh I hate to have to give this to another rap song however this a no contest. This song is the only song of this list that I would say is out-and-out terrible. There maybe is a reason that nick cannon is the most famous rapper from San Diego

Best Song

Era Istrefi – Bonbon

Honestly discovering songs like this is the reason I began this and I am so happy. This song shows the power of the internet. A Kosovan Singer who creates a pop/dance tune that rivals the quality of Sia and Rihanna. This is the type of artist that record labels should look at when they blow up on the internet.

Honourable Mentions

Dierks Bentley Featuring Elle King – Different For Girls, Becky G – Sola


So this time around I tried to be as obscure as possible and I can happily say that it was ok. The music wasn’t terrible and I liked more songs than I disliked. So that’s this month done keep an eye out for next month



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