Aystar – Scousematic

Having never really listened to an artist from liverpool before I had no idea what to expect. From the name of the mixtape however I guessed it was gonna be typical gang/street B.S. and boy was I right.  What we have here is a 16 track mixtape that at times drags.


On Intro & Don’t Quit this is a good way to start as it tells you everything what your about to hear. Liverpool Street raps that are rhymed through a thick scouse brogue. His gun raps are sharp however and he gives a sense that he knows what he is talking about on these tracks.


2 On Ft Safone & Truffle Butter ft Kingsley in both songs Aystar’s Verses are boring as he just rattles of the exact same thing. however both Safone and Kingsley completely outshine him which happens a lot in this mixtape. As both these artists are on their A game.


Minds Gone, Fuck The System, Quiet Storm, Lean Back, I Need You Freestyle actually brings the whole mixtape down and if they weren’t on the mixtape it would be better spaced and be allowed to breathe. It would also serve the mixtape better as the best songs are left. These songs however are make the whole mixtape Too long and these songs are crap plain and simple.


Cheeky Bastard

Another song that sounds more like the featured artists song instead of aystar’s. This especially as the song is completely different from the rest of the mixtape. With a great upbeat chorus. And vocals that stay perfectly in the background. This song is just fun. Aystar actually has an alright verse it just seems like the he is trying to fit to the instrumental and the hook.


Oh No Freestyle & Scousematic Freestyle

Maybe his best example if you’re introducing him to someone new. This is him at his best that is either a good thing or bad thing your choice.


Best Song


Dont Quit ft C4ent / Cheeky Bastard ft Kingsley


Final Thoughts


If it is a chore to listen to the whole mixtape from end to end then you have put too many songs on it. His biggest problem is that he does not seem like this super real respected killer thug shooter drug dealer ladies man king of south Liverpool that he rhymes about. That would be OK if he were playing a character but he is not.


Now I could be wrong and he could be all that it’s just that he doesn’t Seem it . There’s almost no conviction in his words and a lot of this comes from his flow whilst he a decent rapper everything he says is said in the same inflection same tone same cadence. This only really works if you have a deep voice. It comes across more lethargic than criminal.


One more thing and this is to all rappers out there don’t  EVER load up your mixtape with people who are better than you. Every single featured artist on this mixtape is better than him it baffles me how nobody in his camp could have foreseen this happening. Yes it opens you up to more fans however you come across as worse for it. So Aystar is rough a giant lump of coal but there is something there lets hope he can find it.



Flow – 7/10


Lyricism –  6.5/10


Beats/ Production – 6/10


Songcraft – 5.5/10


Concept/ Originality 5/10

Final Score