J Spades – 36 Hours Review

After leaving hip hop and coming back J Spades has lacked consistency in his creativity. Now there is nothing wrong with a rapper trying to branch out and do other things in his music. It just feels like he doesn’t want to fully try something new without risking his street fans. It’s like he dips a toe in, waits for feedback and jumps back out. I just sometimes wished he could maintain trying something new because there is sometimes that feeling like he is not progressing as a musician.


On Expensive J Spades raps about how his new life costs much more and that he is still working for the money. It’s a solid track that would be great to bump in you car. His Cover of Lock Arff is good as he is the perfect artist to be on that song.


However This is where the mixtape takes a wrong turn  as for a couple of tracks j spades just does covers with the songs original hooks left in. Which is a shame as he has some good verses there. His covers of Bank Roll & No Games are particularly good but its such a shame as it just seems lazy.


On Angel Blues ft Abel miller we see a completely different side to J spades as he has shown he can make smooth R’n’B hip hop. Obviously a move to gain more of a female fanbase which is a smart move. However though it says it is featuring abel miller it is actually Mr Miller’s song ft J spades. He continues down this path on Tek It Off ft Ashton R. Which is a sultrier less club R’n’B and more for the bedroom. Which to me does shows some growth as an artist who has seen there is more to just making street songs. On another Note Ashton R here sounds like a UK Trey Songz. It’s these types of songs that is an example of him trying something new.


Rico ft A.Crnsy is a wavy track that people will be bump in their car. A. Crnsy brings an afrobeat feel to the track and J spades brings a hard verse that flows so smoothly.


YDG actually feels more like an opener than a closer if they had switched them it would have worked better however that’s just a nitpick. I say this because the track has a nice funky soulful beat and J Spades has an energetic verse that is short and sweet.


Final thoughts


This mixtape is called 36 Hours and I don’t doubt this mixtape was made in that time frame. The reason I say this is because there are five one verse covers with the original song hooks, and 4 songs in which the featured artist does all the heavy lifting. I guess because it is just a mixtape I shouldn’t expect more but when other artists in this genre are making quality mixtapes unless you are the top boy you can’t put out lazy mixtapes. Musically this is mixtape sounds good there is no bad tracks on it but at times it feels just a bit safe and underwhelming. So if you are already a J spades fan you will enjoy this if not this  won’t change your opinion.



Flow – 9/10


Lyricism –  7.5/10


Beats/ Production – 6.5/10


Songcraft – 8/10


Concept/ Originality 4/10

Final Score