Billboard Trawl – Ep 2 Sep

Billboard Trawling

So this is ep 2 of my article in which am going to trawl through billboard genre by genre choosing a song by an artist and reviewing it randomly.  I’m also going to add images of reaction faces after each track just to make it a little bit more visual this time

I’m going to try to do as many genres as possible

However there are simple rules to Billboard Trawling these are

  1. The artist can only be reviewed Once
  2. Chart position does not matter
  3. It is by billboards definition of genres not mine


Ah pop music my old friend, So let’s see who I have for me this time.

Kiiara –Gold

I have never heard of this artist before so this is completely new territory. The song itself is good with a minimalist trap like beat. This is well made indie-pop, the whole track screams European indie pop which is surprising as she an American. She also sounds much older than her age, Admittedly these are just nit-picks but there is two drawbacks with the first being that some people hate minimal beats such as in this track as they consider them repetitive. Second being that after I started paying attention to the lyrics these are the words of an insane woman

“I missed you in the basement (gold up in my teeth)
but your brother was a good substitute for you”


“And if you love me, love me but you never let me go,
When the roof was on fire, you never let me know”

What does that even mean? By the way those lines also precede each other. All the lyrics are like this it’s odd, however these don’t detract from the song.

Appropriate Reaction











Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty

Another new artist here for me; what a time to be alive. I have got to be honest here I am generally shocked to hear a pure pop song on the pop charts and I instantly was reminded why pop music like this has been taken over by indie pop and EDM,  both of those genres sound like they were created by musicians. This song sounds like it was written in a boardroom with focus groups and robots. The song absolutely lacks a personality, anyways I did a bit of research and realised why it sounds like this and that’s because she is 17 which makes sense. I also generally hate the topic of the track it’s supposed to be some empowering track for young women, which just doesn’t work here. The singer herself had this to say about the track

“It’s important for young girls to know that they don’t have to act a certain way or depend on someone for happiness. They can find all of that within themselves.” 

That is a nice sentiment and all but a hollow statement when she literally had no hand in creating this song. There is 4 writers on this song and she is not one of them. I hate hollow music like this which is just made for a target audience with no artistic value. Also for a 17 year old I actually thought she looked 25 so maybe she needs to cut back on the coffee and fags.

Appropriate Reaction